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HLS Library Book Talk: Look Again: The Power of Noticing What Was Always There

March 19, 2024

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

This event has passed

Milstein East A

Join the HLS Library on Tuesday March 19 at 12:30pm for a HLS Library Book Talk in Wasserstein Hall – Milstein East A and online via Zoom Webinars. This event features a discussion on Look Again: The Power of Noticing What Was Always There with co-author Cass Sunstein. This event is free and will be recorded, open to all Harvard ID holders in person and open to all online.

Register to attend in person, Harvard ID required. Register by March 12 to reserve a complimentary lunch to enjoy at the talk.

Register for the livestream via Zoom Webinars, open to the public. Livestream does not include lunch.

If you, or an event participant, require disability-related accommodations, please contact Accessibility Services at

More about the book from the publisher:
“Neuroscience professor Tali Sharot and Harvard Law Professor (and presidential advisor) Cass R. Sunstein investigate why we stop noticing both the great and not-so-great things around us and how to “dishabituate” at the office, in the bedroom, at the store, on social media, and in the voting booth. This groundbreaking work, based on decades of research in the psychological and biological sciences, illuminates how we can reignite the sparks of joy, innovate, and recognize where improvements urgently need to be made. The key to this disruption—to seeing, feeling, and noticing again—is change. By temporarily changing your environment, changing the rules, changing the people you interact with—or even just stepping back and imagining change—you regain sensitivity, allowing you to more clearly identify the bad and more deeply appreciate the good.”

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March 19, 2024, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

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