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Current JD candidates who are in their first or second year, or in an approved joint degree program through which they will be on campus either semester surrounding the summer, as well as SJD students who are “in residence” in the semesters surrounding the summer are eligible to apply for SPIF. Those who work in an eligible public interest job during the summer, and apply by the deadline for the 2021 summer will be eligible to receive funding.

    • Summer income from all sources for your SPIF placement is considered in determining the amount of summer funding you can receive. Income for your SPIF job must fall within the funding cap.
    • For 2021 the funding cap is $7,500 for 1Ls and $9,000 for 2Ls and SJDs. Earnings above these caps will result in a reduction to your SPIF award. If you are a joint degree student your funding cap is dependent on your status at HLS. For example, if you will return to HLS as a 2L in the fall of 2021 because you have completed your 1L year plus one year at your joint degree school, for SPIF award purposes you will be treated as a 1L.
    • Even if you do not qualify for academic-year financial aid you are eligible for SPIF.

Other details:

  • Eligibility for SPIF funding is based on working 280 hours in an eligible position; a maximum of 37.5 hours per calendar week will be credited towards the 280 requirement, therefore requiring 8 calendar weeks to meet the minimum number of hours.
  • If you receive supplemental funding which increases the total funding for your SPIF position above the funding cap you will be required to return a portion of your SPIF award in order to maintain consistency with the funding cap guidelines.
  • SPIF is not available during the academic year, prior to enrollment at HLS, after graduation from HLS, for LLM students, or for a summer during which a student transfers to HLS.
  • SPIF is available to those students who are on a Leave of Absence for the Spring term if they will be returning to HLS in the Fall. However, if the leave is extended to the Fall term they will be responsible for paying back any funding they received for the summer.
  • SPIF awards are usually distributed before the work is completed. Failure to meet the requirement of working 280 hours, for any reason, will result in a student account being billed by the SPIF office for the portion of the award for which the student was ineligible. Additionally, if a student receives supplemental funding over the course of the summer which increases their total funding for their SPIF eligible position(s) above the funding cap, they will be required to return a portion of their SPIF award in order to maintain consistency with the funding cap guidelines.