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 Poll Everywhere

“Everyone gets a chance to speak. Because of the charts that show the percentage of who picked a particular answer, the professor was able to get those who didn’t understand the problem back on track.” -HLS Student.

Poll Everywhere is a Web-based platform that can be used with any internet-connected device. Go beyond multiple choice with options such as word cloud, Q&A, rank, survey, and open-ended. Poll Everywhere integrates fully with PowerPoint with some setup, and provides sophisticated but easy-to-use reporting to analyze results.

Get Access

HLS Faculty, Staff, and Students can now login at  and sign in using Harvard Key to access.

Get Started: Creating an activity and choosing your question type

Step 1. Once you’ve logged in select Create to get started.

choose the create button to create a new poll/activity

Step 2. Select Your Question Type.

Poll Everywhere offers Multiple Choice, Word Cloud, Q& A, Clickable Images, Survey, Open-ended, Competitions, Ranking & more.

Multiple Choice, Word Cloud, Q&A, Rank Order, Survey, Open Ended

Multiple Choice Poll

Step 3. Enter Your question or prompt and the response options you would like the audience to select from. You can use images as response options by pasting a direct link, or uploading one from your computer using picture icon. To add a response option click the plus icon. You can delete a response option by clicking the trash icon on the far right.

Step 1 - add question Step 2 - add responses

Step 4. Designating the Correct Response. Check the box to the left of the correct response option(s). A correct response will be highlighted green, when you reveal correctness on the poll chart.


Step 5. When you’re ready, click the create button to build your activity and save it to your account. That’s it! Continue to add as many activities as you like.

For detailed tutorials on how to create and manage other question types please see Poll Everywhere’s Website. 

How to share: Activating an activity

Select “Activate” to make the activity open to collect responses. For more information on Activation, please see Poll Everywhere’s Activation Documentation.

select activate to share with students

Poll Everywhere Reporting Types

Executive Summary, Survey Results, Response Pivot Table, Participant Response History, Gradebook, Segmentation, & More.

reporting options: executive summary, survey results, response pivot table, participant response history, gradebook, segmentation, etc


See the Reporting Page at Poll Everywhere for more.