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  • 1/10/2021

    Nonverbal feedback options have been moved from the Participants panel to the Reactions button, and all reactions will be shown in the corner of the participants’ video. 

  • 02/01/2021: Zoom Updates for Teaching & Learning

    Please update your Zoom Desktop Application to be able to utilize the following new and updated features:

    • Rollback released today, 2/1: Non-verbal feedback, which is now included in meeting reactions, will return to the previous behavior. This means that the Yes, No, Slower, and Faster options persist until the participant or host removes them.
    • New & enhanced features:
      • Hosts can admit participants from the Waiting Room while within a Breakout Room.
      • If the original host joins after an alternative host, the original host regains control of the meeting. The alternative host becomes a co-host  (if the co-host feature is enabled) or a regular participant.
      • Play MP4 or MOV video files directly into a meeting as shared content. Go to Advanced share options–>choose a video file–>play.
      • Choose to blur the background rather than selecting a specific virtual background.
      • Block or allow participants from specific countries/regions.
      • On the desktop client for macOS, rotate the camera video feed to allow for inverted camera configurations.
      • Share mono or stereo sound when sharing computer audio.
      • Video filters are available in the iOS Zoommobile app.
      • Zoom meeting information accurately labels the meeting passcode as passcode, instead of password.
      • Meetings that require registration no longer prompt users to first install the desktop client. Users can simply join the meeting.