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Keys play a vital role in the security of HLS Campus Housing, so it cannot be emphasized enough how important it is for resident students to properly safeguard and maintain their keys.

Keys are released only to HLS resident students who have a signed housing license/lease on file, and can present a Harvard ID or government issued photo ID.

For the safety of all resident students, keys should not have any identification markers such as an address, resident student name, etc.




    Each resident student is issued a set of keys consisting of an internal room/apartment key, and a mailbox key. All exterior building entrances are locked but can be accessed using your Harvard ID card. The duplication of any key issued to you is strictly prohibited. Resident students are also unallowed to loan their HLS resident hall/apartment keys to anyone. Key duplication and key loaning are serious security breaches that may result in disciplinary action including fines and/or termination of your housing license or lease and may be referred to the Administrative Board.


    Be sure to take your key with you whenever you leave your resident hall/apartment as many of these doors lock automatically. Resident students who lock themselves out will need to contact the Facilities Management Office at 617-495-5521. The Facilities Management staff will dispatch a security officer to meet the resident student. Resident students will need to provide the security officer with proper identification upon regaining entry. A photo will be taken of the ID as evidence of a lockout. Starting on September 27th, all lock-outs will be tracked and documented. Once a resident student has reached three lockouts, a lockout fee of $50.00 will be billed to the resident’s account for each lockout processed.


    Resident students who have misplaced their keys can obtain replacements from the Facilities Management Office in Holmes Hall during regular business hours 9AM to 5PM. At the time of pick-up, a copy of the resident student’s HUID will be taken and a signature will be required as evidence of obtaining key(s). Residents are encouraged to actively locate their missing key(s) and return the replacement keys back to the Facilities Management Office if found. If the replacement key(s) are not returned to the Facilities Management Office within 72 hours, the original key(s) will be assumed lost, and the resident student will be charged a replacement fee billed out on e-bill. * Replacement Room Key: $150 * Replacement Mailbox Key: $25 If a resident student loses their residential hall/apartment key a second time the key cylinder/core will be replaced. The cost for this service is $300.00. The charge will be applied to the resident student’s e-bill.