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We are pleased to announce that HLS will be offering our on-campus residential housing program for the 2021-2022 academic year.

HLS Housing consists of seven large residence halls and 3 small wood frame houses within close proximity to the HLS campus. Advantages to living in on-campus housing include:

  • A tight-knit community of HLS students living and learning together.
  • A robust residential life experience
  • 9-month leases based around the academic calendar (no need to sublet in the summer).
  • All wireless internet, electricity, heat, and hot water included.
  • No security deposit.
  • Fully-furnished rooms.

Please find information about our residences here:

Gropius Complex (Ames Hall, Dane Hall, Holmes Hall, Shaw Hall, and Story Hall)
Hastings Hall
North Hall
Woodframes (HLS Apartments at 3 Mellen, 5 Mellen, and 1637 Massachusetts Ave)

This is an active page and will be updated frequently as more information becomes available, so check back often!


General Information


Residence Calendar

Please find our residence calendar for 2021-2022 here. Please remember that these dates are set based on the academic calendar. Note that for the 2021-2020 academic year, staggered move-in appointments must be made and preapproved prior to check-in. Residents will register a move-in appointment in July and should not book travel prior to then.

Appointment Update:

All residential students have been contacted with instructions on how to register a move-in appointment. The deadline to do so is 5pm ET on Friday, July 30th. We understand that students are currently working on arranging travel to campus and appreciate your patience as we set up this new process.

-Updated as of July 16, 2021

Room fee rates

Please find 2021-2022 Room Rates for the upcoming year here. Please make sure to review these rates and speak with Student Financial Services (JDs) or the Graduate Program (LLMs/SJDs) to confirm which room types are within your budget.

housing Application process

HLS students can submit a housing application anytime between May 1st and May 14th at 5pm. This will allow you to be placed into the pool for our Room Selection lottery process. Please note that all applications submitted between May 1st and May 14th will have an equal chance in the lottery process–there is no advantage to submitting an application on May 1st versus May 14th. Our application process does not require a housing deposit, and submitting an application does not obligate you to select a room if you do not wish to or are not interested in any of the available vacancies in the Room Selection process. Since there is no “rush” aspect of the application process, we expect every student to read over this entire page, and all associated FAQs before submitting a housing application.

room Selection Process

Released on 5.25.2021

There will be three days of room selection for Fall 2021. Each designated selection day will have a separate housing inventory that is proportionately reserved throughout the campus for that specific application pool. (For example: the 174 students who are selecting on June 1st will have a specific set of 174 vacancies to chose from, which are spread evenly throughout the large residences–they will not be able to select from the entire 599 bed inventory). This means that students with selection windows on Returning Student Selection Day will have a separate room inventory to select from than those students slated for Graduate Selection Day or Incoming JD/Exchange Selection Day.

Each Selection Day, there will be two windows. Students will be notified via e-mail on May 28th as to which window they have been assigned to. One half of the applicant pool will then be able to start selecting as of  8:00 AM ET that date. The second half of the applicant pool will then be able to begin selecting at 6:00 PM ET that same day. Once a selection window opens, it does not close until a student’s room reservation is finalized. Once a student’s window opens, they are welcome to log in at any time that they find convenient, but the vacancies that are available within their window are on a first-come-first serve basis, so vacancies will decrease as time goes on. Once Window #2 opens, even more applicants will begin to select from the available inventory. All students who have been assigned a window will only be guaranteed that an on-campus vacancy will be available for them to select until Monday, June 9th, when all late housing applicants will be able to begin their selection process and can select from the spaces that are left.


*Dorm room reservations are finalized as of June 30, 2021 at 5pm ET. Apartment reservations (3/5 Mellen, 1637 Mass Ave) are immediately finalized upon signing of the HLS Apartment Lease.

Formed a Group by the Deadline? Find more info on selecting as a group HERE.


Cancellation Deadline and Process

Please find information on the 2021-2022 HLS Housing Cancellation Process here.


Read over everything on this page?  Submit or Access your HLS Housing Application Here

Application General Timeline

Application General Timeline

  • May 1: HLS Housing Application Available for ALL HLS Students

    The Application will launch on May 1, 2021 at 12 noon ET.  All students interested in living in HLS Housing may apply. There are no deposits or fees. If students would like to participate in groups, they will need to do so through the application.

  • May 14: Application Deadline to be Considered for Selection Lottery

    Applications received by 5pm ET on this date will be considered for the initial Room Selection Process.

  • May 14: Deadline for Students to Apply as Potential Suitemate Groups

    Students who apply together as roommate groups by this deadline will be grouped into the same selection window so they can select into the same suite or apartment together. This does not impact a student’s “chances” of where they end up in the lottery process. Forming a group also does not obligate students to select together. Students may still opt to select individual rooms on their own instead of selecting as a group if they change their mind or are unhappy with the available inventory for their group size.

    Students will not be able to select with a group if they submit an application after this date.

  • May 25: Room Selection Process Information Released

    Please find the Application Schedule here.

  • May 28: Room Selection Lottery Results/Windows will be released

    On this day, applicants will be notified as to when they will be able to participate in Room Selection.

  • June 2-4: Room Selection Will Take Place

    Students will receive more info about when they will select by May 28th.

  • June 30: Room Assignments are Finalized as of 5pm ET

    Room changes will not be permitted after this firm deadline at 5pm ET.

  • June 30: Deadline to Cancel HLS Housing without Penalty

  • July 30: (5pm ET) Deadline to Register a Move-In Appointment

  • July 30: (5pm ET) Room Selection Ends

    Any student still in need of on-campus housing should contact for emergency placement.

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Once I've selected a room in HLS Housing, am I guaranteed this room for my entire time at HLS?
Since Returning Students select on the first day, do Returning Students have priority for selecting from the entire vacancy inventory over Incoming students?
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