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Possible topics to write about include the following:

  • After your first meeting with your supervisor, what is the work plan for the term and what challenges have arisen in carrying out that plan?
  • Describe the type of legal work you are engaged in (for example, interviewing, legal research and/or writing, etc.). What areas are your strengths and what areas do you hope to work on?
  • Discuss your supervisor as a professional role model. Reflect on the quality of supervision and talents, strengths, and weaknesses of your supervisor (both as lawyer and as a supervisor). Identify ethical issues or decision points as they occur, explain the issue, how it was resolved, and whether you think the resolution was proper and why.
  • Decision- making: Describe your feelings about making a decision where there is no right answer. Write about a situation in which you or a lawyer at your placement made a judgment call where there  was no right answer, or where a decision was made with less data than was desirable. How did you and/or your supervisor process that decision?
  • Provide a rigorous analysis of what you are learning during the clinical, the underlying policies and the legal substance of the work in which you are engaged during the clinic.
  • Describe any challenges you faced, how they were overcome, and what you and your supervisor could have done differently.
  • What is the institutional mission or purpose of the organization where you are working? If applicable, how well is that mission being accomplished?
  • What is the demographic composition of your organization? How do sex, race, sexual orientation, age, national origin, religion, education level, physical appearance, family background, home location, and other differences affect people’s roles in the organization and relationships with one another? How does your awareness of differences and similarities affect your work within the organization?
  • Reflect on how your work at the independent clinical has shaped your professional goals?
  • In your final emails discuss if you met your initial goals and expectations? If not, why not?