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Winter 2023 Course

Pathways to Leadership Workshop for the Public Sector

Note: This course is restricted to first-year J.D. students only.

The drop deadline for 1L January Experiential Term classes is December 2, 2022. Students may not drop a course if they do not have an offer to enroll in a different January Experiential Term course.

1L January Experiential Term courses are intensive learning courses. Class attendance is required in each course every day of the term. Students should plan accordingly and should not take on other work commitments during the term.

Location: This course will be held in Milstein East C.

Exam Type: No Exam

Harvard Law School graduates have a long history of becoming leaders in public service, often drawing on the critical thinking, advocacy, negotiation, and technical legal knowledge and skills they have learned and practiced during law school. The Pathways to Leadership Workshop for the Public Sector is a new workshop designed to provide students with frameworks, tools, and perspectives that will accelerate and enhance their ability to succeed in public-sector leadership roles in the future.

Through a mixture of leadership case studies drawn from the public sector, interactive exercises, visits from guest speakers, and extensive work in teams, students will explore the real-world skills that leaders call upon to catalyze change. Exercises and projects, undertaken in teams, will facilitate learning about intentional team-formation, leadership and working style self-knowledge, appreciation of diversity on teams and the different forms that intelligence and knowledge-acquisition can take, network development, negotiating conflicts, giving feedback, effective listening, the psychology of motivation and influence, and leadership-oriented communication and presentation skills. As a final exercise, student teams will integrate the skills and tools they have gathered during the workshop (as well as through their varied life experiences) and connect theory to application through working together to solve a difficult problem.

Note: There may be days throughout the winter term that require attendance beyond the scheduled times. Please refer to the course syllabus and page for more information.