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Fall 2023 Seminar

Immigration and Refugee Advocacy

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Required Clinic Component: Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic (3-5 fall clinical credits). This clinic and course are bundled; your enrollment in the clinic will automatically enroll you in this required course.

Additional Co-/Pre-Requisites: None.

By Permission: No.

Add/Drop Deadline: August 18, 2023.

LLM Students LLM students may enroll in this clinic through Helios. International LLM students in F-1 student status cannot be placed at GBLS.

This seminar addresses U.S. immigration and asylum law, as well as advocacy skills relevant to students’ work at the clinic. The skills component of the seminar addresses such areas as effective client interviewing, affidavit writing, trial preparation, policy advocacy, district court and appellate litigation, and amicus briefs. In order to cultivate best practices in student advocacy, this seminar draws heavily for instructional examples on students’ clinical experiences. It also allows students to connect their understanding of immigration and refugee law and lawyering skills to actual casework through consideration of specific issues of doctrine and policy implicated by students’ cases. Students will also have an opportunity to reflect critically on their experiences, models of advocacy, and social justice.

Please note that this seminar meets twice a week for the first two weeks of the semester (on Wednesdays and then again on Friday during the 3:45-5:45pm make-up block). Additional Friday classes may be held throughout the semester (exact details and dates tbd).