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Fall 2021 Seminar

Global Justice Workshop

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this workshop, but it is intended for students with a strong academic bent.

Exam: No Exam

This workshop will involve reading, discussing, and critiquing scholarly works broadly relating to the theme of Global Justice. Among the topics we will address are distributive justice across national boundaries; state responsibility for the international consequences of domestic policy decisions; and comparisons between legal and moral responsibilities among states and among individuals. The focus will be on the doctrinal and theoretical aspects of these questions rather than hands-on practice. Some sessions will involve presentations by scholars who are invited to speak to the workshop.

Students will be required to submit four brief “reflection” papers commenting on works that are presented in or assigned for class, and will also be expected to raise questions in discussions with invited speakers. The final grade will take account of class participation. All students wishing to take the class, including those on the waitlist or considering adding it, must attend the first session.