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Spring 2024 Reading Group

Food System Workers

Prerequisite: None

Exam Type: No Exam

Despite their essential role, food system workers face some of the worst working conditions in the country. This reading group will examine different sectors of the food system and how law and policy impact workers employed in those sectors. Assigned readings will include articles, reports, personal narratives, and book excerpts that analyze these issues and the socio-cultural dynamics shaping them. While many different types of workers support the food system, we will focus specifically on workers in agriculture, meatpacking and poultry processing, fisheries, and food service. At each meeting will discuss relevant laws and policies (i.e., wage & hour laws, occupational health and safety laws) as well as recent policy debates and potential solutions.

Note: This reading group will meet over the first six weeks of the term from January 23 to February 27.