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Spring 2024 Reading Group

Entertainment and Media Law: Entertainment Transactions and Negotiations

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: No Exam

This course focuses on key transactions in the entertainment industry. We will use case studies based on real-world deals in the film and television business, including major studio, streaming and independent transactions for actors, writers, directors and producers. Students will be asked to work in teams and do mock negotiations in class. The course has two key objectives: First, to provide an overview of the major components of film, television and streaming deals, including the meaning of “pay-or-play”; calculation of profit participations and other forms of contingent compensation; approvals and controls; the distinctions between streaming and traditional media agreements; editing and cutting rights; rights with respect to sequels, remakes and television spin-offs and new media; and other key issues that arise on a daily basis in entertainment law practice. Second, the course will provide an opportunity to learn negotiating skills, as applied in the entertainment context. Note that this course will not include substantial material on music or sports law.

Note: This reading group will meet over three weeks, on the following dates: March 25, March 26, April 1, April 2, April 8 and April 9.