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Spring 2021 Clinic

Crimmigration Clinic

Enrollment in this clinic will fulfill the HLS JD pro bono requirement.

Required Class Component: Crimmigration: The Intersection of Criminal Law and Immigration Law (2 fall classroom credits). Students who are accepted into this clinic will be enrolled in the required clinical course component by the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs, unless they have already completed the course as a non-clinical student.

Additional Co-/Pre-Requisites: No.

By Permission: Yes – applications are due by April 13, 2020.

LLM Students: LLM students may apply to this clinic by submitting an application.

Placement Site: HLS.

In the Crimmigration Clinic students work on cutting-edge issues regarding the intersection of criminal law and immigration law. The content of the clinical projects will depend on the legal landscape and political climate at the time of clinical enrollment.  In the past, students have worked on administrative and federal litigation in both appellate courts and district courts concerning criminal bars to immigration relief, detention, and the crime-based grounds of removal. Students have also drafted reports concerning the funding of immigration detention in Massachusetts, and engaged in legislative advocacy on issues, including drafting sanctuary policies for municipalities around the country. Clinical students will also work with the Harvard Criminal Justice Institute to provide advice to their case teams about the immigration consequences of criminal charges.

Clinical work will largely be performed at HLS. On litigation and policy matters, the Clinic will collaborate with local and national non-profit organizations.

Enrollment in the Crimmigration Clinic is by application only (applications are due to Phil Torrey – Students should include a resume and short statement of interest (250 words or less) in their application. Applications are due by April 13, 2020. Once accepted, students will work with the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs to finalize their registrations.