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Spring 2024 Course

Criminal Law 4

Exam Type: In Class

This course will examine major concepts, doctrines, and problems of substantive criminal law, including the rationales and criticisms of punishment; act, intent, causation, and result; and various defenses. We will study illustrative crimes including homicide and rape; conspiracy, attempt, and aiding and abetting; and misdemeanor crimes, which make up the vast majority of cases filed each year. Students will develop skills of reading cases, interpreting statutes, and applying law to facts, while they deepen legal thinking, argumentation, and critical analysis skills. We will examine the various structures that give shape to the criminal law, including the courts, police, prisons, and jails; how they function along the dimensions of race, gender, and class; and the role of criminal punishment in the United States. To meet these learning goals, the class includes a range of pedagogical methods and formats, including lecture, discussion, simulations, and group learning assignments, including a trip to local criminal court.