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Fall 2021 Course

Copyright and Trademark Litigation

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: In Class

The class will analyze the strategic, practical and policy issues involved with copyright and trademark litigation from the beginning of a case where emergency injunctive relief might be sought, to its potential end at the U.S. Supreme Court. Substantive areas of copyright and trademark law will include fair use, nominative fair use, the likelihood of confusion, use of consumer surveys, dilution, the role of the First Amendment, the theory behind injunctive relief, the nature of irreparable injury, and trademarks as a form of property right. The course will discuss how to persuasively present evidence and try a case. The course will also address the special nature of Supreme Court litigation and techniques for an effective oral argument. Each student will participate in one very brief oral argument during the semester. Real-life cases the instructor has litigated will be used to illustrate points.