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Winter 2023 Course

Advocacy: The Courtroom and Beyond

Note: This course is restricted to first-year J.D. students only.

The drop deadline for 1L January Experiential Term (JET) classes is Friday, December 2, 2022. Students may not drop a course if they do not have an offer to enroll in a different JET course.

1L JET courses are intensive learning courses. Class attendance is required in each course every day of the term. Students should plan accordingly and should not take on other work commitments during the term.

Exam Type: No Exam

Taught by practicing attorneys, this course allows students to develop their oral, written, and strategic advocacy skills. Through interactive exercises, case studies, and team-based work, the course introduces students to ways to advance a client’s interest in a variety of different contexts, including in impact litigation, in the private sector, in the criminal law context, and in the public eye.

Working with their teams, students will:

  • Learn advocacy strategies
  • Analyze amicus briefs and other written advocacy
  • Practice negotiating
  • Develop oral presentations
  • Draft a letter to the editor and an op-ed in support of their advocacy efforts

In addition to course readings and writing assignments, students will work in teams to research, draft, and present an advocacy plan in lieu of a final exam.

Note: There may be days throughout the winter term that require attendance beyond the scheduled times. Please refer to the course syllabus and page for more information.