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John C.P. Goldberg
Interim Dean
Carter Professor of General Jurisprudence

John F. Manning
Interim Provost
Morgan and Helen Chu Dean and Professor of Law (on leave)

Catherine Claypoole
Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs

L. Tracee Whitley
Dean for Administration

Kristi Jobson
Interim Dean for Student Services

Liberty Kenneally
Director of Dean’s Office Events and Senior Executive Assistant to the Dean

Catherine Cronin
Senior Events Coordinator

Jennifer Lynn Evans
Executive Assistant to Jessica Soban, Dean for Student Services, and L. Tracee Whitley, Dean for Administration, and Special Projects Coordinator

Sarah B. Freeman-Al Emam
Executive Assistant to Catherine Claypoole, Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs, and Faculty Services Coordinator

Jasmine K. Jin
Executive Assistant to the Dean and Administrative Coordinator

Contact Information

Harvard Law School
Griswold 200
1525 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138