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Daniel B. Klein et al., What 21st-Century Works Will Merit a Close Reading in 2050?: Second Tranche of Responses, 18 Econ J. Watch 164 (2021).

Abstract: Collected here are nineteen responses to the question, “What 21st-century works will merit a close reading in 2050?” Clarifications of that question are provided in a foreword. This tranche represents responses from authors with last names beginning L through Z. The nineteen responses presented here are from Mitchell Langbert, Andrés Marroquín, Steven G. Medema, Alberto Mingardi, Paul D. Mueller, Stephen R. Munzer, Evan W. Osborne, Justin T. Pickett, Rupert Read and Frank M. Scavelli, Hugh Rockoff, Kurt Schuler, Daniel J. Schwekendiek, Per Skedinger, E. Frank Stephenson, Scott Sumner, Cass R. Sunstein, Slaviša Tasić, Clifford F. Thies, and Richard E. Wagner. Responses from authors A through K were provided in the previous issue of this journal