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Martha Minow, The Unraveling: What Dobbs May Mean for Contraception, Liberty, and Constitutionalism, in Roe v. Dobbs: The Past, Present and Future of a Constitutional Right to Abortion (Lee Bollinger and Geoffrey R. Stone, eds., 2024).

Abstract: This chapter explores the implications of the Supreme Court’s revocation of pregnant person’s right to choose to terminate a pregnancy; specifically, it explores implications for individuals’ right to choose to prevent a pregnancy through the purchase and use of contraceptives.Examining what the justices explicitly stated about the impact of the decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization on access to contraception, what they did not discuss, and what are likely and possible effects of the discussion, the chapter explores immediately and grave uncertainty and heightened risk not only of unwanted pregnancies but also of job and wage insecurity for many people who can become pregnant as well as jeopardy to public confidence in the courts and law.