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Bethany Agusala, Emily Broad Leib & Jaclyn Albin, The Time is Ripe: The Case for Nutrition in Graduate Medical Education in the United States, 11 J. Med. Educ. & Curricular Dev. (2024).

Abstract: A poor-quality dietary pattern is a leading risk factor for chronic disease and death in the United States, and the costs of medical care continue to unsustainably rise. Despite this reality, nutrition training for physicians fails to adequately prepare for them to address the complex factors that influence diet-related disease. Expanding nutrition education for physicians-in-training is imperative to equip them for the growing demand of food is medicine services and is also supported by recent policy efforts in the United States as well as the governing bodies of graduate and undergraduate medical education. A multisector approach that links graduate medical education, clinical care delivery innovation, and health and food policy experts provides momentum to advance nutrition education as a core strategy for food is medicine expansion globally.