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William B. Rubenstein & Luis Lavin, The HIV Epidemic in Puerto Rico, in AIDS Agenda: Emerging Issues in Civil Rights (Nan D. Hunter & William B. Rubenstein eds., 1992).

Abstract: As the AIDS crisis moves into its second decade, new populations are suffering its devastating effects, and complex new social and legal issues are emerging. In AIDS Agenda, the directors of the AIDS Project of the ACLU have gathered nine important essays analyzing the legal and social policy failures that have led to widespread discrimination against persons with HIV disease, and have presented concrete recommendations for a more just and effective AIDS policy. With an emphasis on civil rights throughout, the authors address such topics as adolescents with HIV, women with HIV, health insurance and the battle over limits on coverage, the criminalization of HIV infected persons, HIV in the workplace, and the responsibilities of health care providers. AIDS Agenda is not only a useful and moving review of significant cases relating to HIV, AIDS, health care and civil rights, but also represents an urgent response to the government's willful failure to address these issues.