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Jerome D. Williams, David Lopez, Patrick Shafto & Kyungwon Lee, Technological Workforce and Its Impact on Algorithmic Justice in Politics, 6 Customer Needs & Solutions 84 (2019)

Abstract: The use of algorithms can be highly beneficial and efficient to make statistical decisions in settings where data are voluminous. However, there are on-going concerns about the potential long-term negative consequences of the use of algorithms due to inherent biases against certain subgroups of the population which tend to be under-represented in the society. To address this issue, we propose that it is critical to develop ways to bring the technological capabilities that underlie these advances to the broadest group of people by focusing on the nature of workforce in the tech industry. Particularly, we propose that having a diverse workforce in the tech industry and inter-disciplinary education, including principles of ethical coding, can be a starting point to resolve this issue. Politicians, regulators, and educational institutions must be prepared to address these issues in order to set a system that works equally for all people in a democratic society.