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Leena Badran, Ayelet Gur, Hira Amin & Michael Ashley Stein, Self-Perspectives on Marriage Among Arabs With Disabilities Living in Israel, J. Fam. Issues (2022).

Abstract: This study aims to examine the subjective perspectives on marriage of Arabs with disabilities living in Israel. Semi-structured interviews were conducted among 15 Arabs in Israel with physical, visual impairment, and mental disorders. Themes were generated using thematic analysis. Two main recursive and intertwined themes emerged: reflections about marriage and the reality of marriage. The real-life situation feeds into social perceptions: when the disabled person sees that people with disabilities hardly marry, this increases self-stigma and the fear of rejection. Similarly, social and personal perceptions exacerbate the situation on the ground. Gender also played a key factor with women with disabilities facing more stigma and negative experiences relative to men with disabilities. The findings call for raising awareness of the marital rights of Arabs with disabilities and combating negative social attitudes towards them as first steps to creating a more accessible and inclusive environment, with particular attention to gender differences.