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Martha Minow, Restorative Justice and Anti-Racism, 22 Nev. L. J. 1157 (2022).

Abstract: What do restorative justice initiatives and racial justice initiatives have to offer one another? In high schools and in criminal law settings, these phrases name and mobilized people, resources, and critiques. Despite real differences in original methods, there seems much for racial justice and restorative justice to share. Racial justice advocates rightly call for both personal change and also systemic transformation. Restorative justice points toward political, legal, and economic policies and practices while also working hard on transformations of the attitudes, feelings, and world-views of individual. Both need to attend as well to media and public education, as well as the day-to-day interactions in communities. And both point to ways to connect the personal and the structural, the interpersonal and the political, the individual freedom to act and the collective systems that so often seem hard to move. And both can focus on the concentric circles of actors and contributing influences on conflicts that can be resources for change.