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I. Glenn Cohen & Shelly Simana, Regulation of Stem Cell Therapy Travel, 4 Current Stem Cell Rep. 220 (2018).

Abstract: Stem cell therapies (hereinafter: SCT) hold tremendous promise for the treatment of a variety of diseases. Yet, alongside the medical potential, they pose significant risks. This article focuses on the phenomenon of B SCT travel and the regulatory challenges associated with it. Recent Findings Internet websites for clinics all around the world offer SCT for different medical conditions, such as degenerative and immunological conditions, as well as cosmetic indications. The demand for SCT is growing, despite their experimental nature, and an effective regulatory framework is urgently needed at both national and international levels. Summary A new regulatory framework aimed at reducing the risks associated with SCT travel and the provision of unproven SCT should be implemented. It should include professional guidelines, an accreditation system that would evaluate SCT being offered by clinics, enforcement mechanisms against fraud, reimbursement by insurers for approved SCT, and residency requirements.