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Martha Minow, Preface: Meaningful Reciprocity—In Honor of Clare Dalton, 20 J.L. & Pol'y 297 (2012)

Abstract: Among the many wonders of Clare Dalton is her brilliant performance in a one-person dramatic show as Virginia Woolf. So it seems fitting to turn to Woolf in thinking about how to introduce this tribute volume marking the close of Dalton’s career as a legal academic and start of her new career. Woolf once wrote: “It is no use trying to sum people up.” It is no use, then, to try to capture Professor Dalton solely by way of listing her many accomplishments: her creation of the landmark and vital Domestic Violence Institute at Northeastern Law School; her incisive, elegant writing; her passionate teaching at several law schools; or the awards from Radcliffe, the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus, Massachusetts Women’s Bar Association, and recognition as Feminist of the Year by the Feminist Majority Foundation. As marvelous as all of these are, naming them does not evoke her vividness, grace, or sense of fun. Woolf, thank goodness, has some other insights of use.