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Luke Gelinas, Joel S. Weissman, Holly Fernandez Lynch, Avni Gupta, Ronen Rozenblum, Emily A. Largent & I. Glenn Cohen, Oversight of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research: Recommendations From a Delphi Panel, 169 Annals Internal Med. 559 (2018).

Abstract: A key aim of patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) is to generate data that are important to patients by deliberately and extensively involving them in all aspects of research, from design to dissemination. However, certain elements of PCOR raise challenging and potentially novel ethical and regulatory issues for institutional review boards and oversight bodies. These challenges stem primarily from the engagement of patients in roles other than research subject, such as advisors, study personnel, and co-investigators, which gives rise to questions about appropriate levels of protection, training, and education, as well as identifying and managing conflicts of interest. This article presents and discusses recommendations from a Delphi expert panel that was convened to address these and other PCOR-related oversight challenges.