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Vicki C. Jackson, Knowledge Institutions and Democratic Erosion: The Invaluable Contributions of Tom Ginsburg, 10 Tex. A&M L. Rev. 657 (2023).

Abstract: The work of Tom Ginsburg, a leading scholar of comparative constitutional studies, is influential around the world and spans a very wide range of topics. He has played an absolutely essential role in establishing a database of constitutional provisions, both around the world and over time, that has fueled his own research, including his co-authored book on the endurance of national constitutions, and the research of other comparative constitutional scholars. He has contributed important insights about many different areas of comparative constitutional study. In much of his work he has been concerned with the relationship between political forces and political life on the one hand, and constitutional forms of law on the other. Whether on judicial review in new democracies, or on the role of courts and constitutions in authoritarian societies, his work is always interesting and reflects his terrific instinct for important and fruitful topics of inquiry.