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J. Mark Ramseyer & Minoru Nakazato, Japanese Law: An Economic Approach (Univ. of Chi. Press 1999).

Abstract: In this introduction to Japanese law, J. Mark Ramseyer and Minoru Nakazato combine an economic approach with a clear and often amusing account of the law itself to challenge commonly held ideas about the law. Arguing against such things as the assumption that Japanese law differs from law in the United States and the idea that law plays only a trivial role in Japan or is culturally determined, this book will be recognized as a major contribution to the understanding of Japanese law. Awarded the Professional/Scholarly Publishing Award by the Association of American Publishers for the best book in law (1999). Excerpts reprinted in: Comparative Corporate Law: United States, European Union, China and Japan, Cases and Materials (Larry Catá Backer ed., 2002) and Civil Litigation in Comparative Context (Oscar G. Chase, et al. eds., 2007). Paperback edition (2000).