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Gabriella Blum, Islands of Agreement: Managing Enduring Armed Rivalries (Harv. Univ. Press 2007).

Abstract: This book demonstrates that peace and war are seldom polar totalities but increasingly can and do coexist within the confines of a single scenario. It suggests that even where conflict exists, we regard it as only one dimension of an ongoing, multifaceted interstate relationship. The result is a shift in perspective away from the constricting notions of "prevention" or "resolution" toward a more holistic approach of relationship management. This approach is especially pertinent because conflicts cannot always be prevented or resolved. Through case studies of long-enduring rivalries--India and Pakistan, Greece and Turkey, Israel and Lebanon--this work shows how international law and politics can function in the battlefield and in everyday life, forming a hybrid international relationship. Through a strategy called "islands of agreement," this book argues that within the most entrenched and bitter struggles, adversaries can carve out limited areas that remain safe or even prosperous amid a tide of war. These havens effectively reduce suffering and loss and allow mutually beneficial exchanges to take place, offering hope for broader accords.