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Kristen Stilt & M. Safa Saraçoğlu, Hisba and Muhtasib, in The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Law (Anver M. Emon & Rumee Ahmed eds., 2018).

Abstract: This chapter examines the scholarship that has dealt with the concept of hisba and the related position of muhtasib. The discussion includes a substantial section on the historical development of the concept of hisba and the position of muhtasib and a shorter section on their contemporary uses and practices. The historical section includes attention to the definitions and origins of the terms and to the position of the muhtasib, including the official’s jurisdiction, sources of law, biographies, and practice in particular historical contexts. The contemporary section focuses on the countries that have received the most scholarly attention regarding the practice of hisba and muhtasib today, notably Saudi Arabia and Egypt.