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Benjamin I. Sachs, Fulfilling the Promise of Economic Rights: Learning from Labor and Employment Law, in Making Equal Rights Real: Taking Effective Action to Overcome Global Challenges 91 (Jody Heymann & Adele Cassola eds., Cambridge Univ. Press, 2012).

Abstract: Making Equal Rights Real brings together leaders from around the world who have been working effectively to increase equal economic and social rights, ranging from rights in the workplace to property ownership and education. The contributors tell the detailed stories of effective approaches to implementing equal rights for racial and ethnic minorities in North America, women in Africa, children in the Middle East and sexual minorities in Asia. They also describe approaches taken around the world to increase equal rights for people living in poverty, for those living with disabilities and for all people seeking the information they need to hold their government accountable for implementing everyone's rights. The book addresses what can be done by policymakers, civil society, non-governmental organizations, lawyers seeking to implement equal rights legislation and advocates working in the community, as well as those developing constitutions and negotiating international agreements. - This volume focuses on evidence of what has proven effective in increasing equal rights globally - Presents unprecedented scope which addresses equity based on gender, disability, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation and income, from - the international to the grassroots levels, in contexts that span the geographic and political spectrum Combines experience-based recommendations from global leaders and in-depth case studies that provide vivid details of successful programs