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Michael S. Barr, Howell E. Jackson & Margaret E. Tahyar, Finance Today, in Financial Regulation: Law and Policy ch. 1.1 (Found. Press, May 2016).

Abstract: Financial Regulation: Law and Policy is a new textbook that aims to teach students about today's financial sector with a modular, accessible, balanced, practical, and ready-to-use approach. Our goal is to give students the tools to understand how American history and political economy have shaped the regulatory perimeter, how different policy choices have been made at different times across different parts of the financial sector, and how these choices matter a great deal in shaping not only financial stability, but also how the financial sector supports the economy and society. The textbook includes chapters on Insured Depository Institutions, Insurance, Securities Firms and Capital Markets, Consumer Protection and the CFPB, Financial Conglomerates, Payment Systems, Corporate Governance, Lender of Last Resort and Resolution, Mutual Funds and Other Investment Vehicles, Derivatives and Rate Markets, and Shadow Banking. The textbook comes with a teacher's manual that explores key themes, suggests a range of teaching approaches, answers questions posed in the textbook, and includes class slides for each chapter. This download contains the summary table of contents and Chapter 1.1: Finance Today.