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Mukul Inamdar, Michael Ashley Stein & Joske Bunders, Does "supported decision-making" in India's Mental Health Care Bill, 2013, measure up to the CRPD's standards?, 1 Indian J. Med. Ethics 229 (2016).

Abstract: The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) requires States to replace their mental health laws based on substitute decision-making for persons with mental health issues with laws based on the supported decision-making paradigm. However, the exact scope of the CRPD's mandates is currently under debate, especially in the case of persons with very high support needs. The Mental Health Care Bill, 2013, introduces supported decision-making in India in the form of advance directives and nominated representatives. This article discusses how far the Bill measures up to the CRPD's standards and highlights some of the difficulties when the support needs of the person are very high.