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Robert H. Mnookin & Alain Verbeke, Editorial, Dialogue Ouvert Concernant la Belgique, l'Echo, July 20, 2006, at 16.

Abstract: In this Op Ed published on Belgium national holiday 2006, we describe the historical proposed resolution in the Chamber of Representatives on the splitting of the Belgian State and the creation of independent states for Flanders and Wallonia. By majority vote this proposal has been accepted for discussion. The paradox is however that no one seems to takes this seriously. The proposal was introduced by the Flemish right extremist and separatist party Vlaams Belang. Francophone parties voted against. Flemish parties voted in favour but consider this a non event. Why continue to ignore such important signals? We argue that this proposal should be taken as an opportunity to open and start a truly constructive and positive dialogue. Keeping all options open, not only towards more devolution but also towards reconciliation and more unity.