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Vicki C. Jackson & Yasmin Dawood, Constitutionalism and a Right to Effective Government? (2022).

Abstract: Nations around the world are facing various crises of ineffective government. Basic governmental functions, including rights-protection and securing material well-being, including education and healthcare, are compromised, leading to declines in general welfare, in enjoyment of rights, and even of democracy itself. This innovative collection, featuring analyses by leaders in the fields of constitutional law and politics, highlights the essential role of effective government in sustaining democratic constitutionalism. The book explores 'effective government' as a right, principle, duty, and interest, situating questions of governance in debates about negative and positive constitutionalism. In addition to providing new conceptual approaches to the connections between rights and governance, the volume also provides novel insights on government institutions, including courts, legislatures, executives, and administrative bodies, as well as the media and political parties. This is an essential volume for anyone interested in constitutionalism, comparative law, governance, democracy, the rule of law, and rights.