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Scott Michelman, Civil Rights Enforcement (2d ed. 2023).

Abstract: New to the 2nd Edition: Up-to-date coverage of major developments—including the national reckoning on race and policing after George Floyd’s murder, COVID-19 prison conditions litigation, laws like Texas S.B. 8 designed to evade pre-enforcement challenges, new Bivens decisions, limitations on damages under Titles VI and IX, and the momentous Supreme Court term ending June 2022 Two new chapters on constitutional claims often brought against police or in custodial settings—including under the 4th and 8th Amendments and substantive and procedural due process—to explore how enforcement documents shape constitutional law and vice versa, and to facilitate coverage of topics that often fall through the cracks in constitutional law curricula Expanded coverage of major topics, including: Standing (organizational standing; defining an injury; policing and injunctive relief; pre-enforcement challenges) Qualified immunity (the reform movement; sources of “clearly established law”; the obviousness exception; private-actor applications) Municipal liability (custom; failure to supervise; applications of the “final policymaker” theory; the interaction of qualified immunity and failure to train) Statutory causes of action (42 U.S.C. § 1985; Title VII; ADA; Rehabilitation Act) And more! (COVID-19 conditions; modern school district boundary fights; applications of the Heck bar; expansion of sovereign immunity; the evolution of supervisory liability).