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Charles Donahue, Jr., By Way of a Conclusion, in Les officialités dans l’Europe médievale et moderne: Des tribunaux pour une société chrétienne 325 (Véronique Beaulande-Barraud & Martine Charageat eds., 2014).

Abstract: Ecclesiastical justice has aroused renewed historiographical interest in recent years, both as specific temporal jurisdictions and in the manifestation of justice competent in "spiritual" matters. It was specifically on the "courtyards of the Church", the officialities, that this conference was held, bringing together historians and jurists, medievalists and modernists, for a report in the form of an invitation to continue the investigations. The history of officialities was thus clarified in its diversity and in its evolution, from a comparative perspective. Their competence and the way in which they exercise their jurisdiction, graceful, contentious, criminal, has been highlighted, attesting to their daily role with the populations. Finally, the study of their activity allows an approach to the history of women and of the couple which, in turn, highlights the richness of the sources of officialities, organs of "discipline of morals" still partly unknown.