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Shane Hebel et. al., Brief Report: Discrepancies Between Self-Reported Adherence and a Biomarker of Adherence in Real-World Settings, 85 JAIDS 454 (2020)

Abstract: Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is only effective in preventing new HIV infections when taken consistently. In clinical practice, asking a patient about their adherence (self-report) is the predominant method of assessing adherence to PrEP. Although inexpensive and noninvasive, self-report is subject to social desirability and recall biases. Several clinical trials demonstrate a discrepancy between self-reported adherence and biomarker-based recent adherence. Less is known about the accuracy of self-report in real-world clinical settings. This brief report addresses this knowledge gap and describes the concordance between self-reported adherence and biomarker-based adherence in real-world clinical settings.