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Deborah Anker & Aziza Ahmed, Ask a Feminist: Deborah Anker Discusses Gender and Asylum Law, 46 Signs: J. Women Culture & Soc'y 743 (2021).

Abstract: How has feminism shaped US asylum law? Why and how is the Trump administration trying to undo feminist gains? In this episode of Ask a Feminist, asylum- and refugee-law expert Deborah Anker discusses the history and present of gender in the US asylum system. Anker is the founder and director of the Harvard Law School Immigration and Refugee Law Clinical Program and is one of the most widely known asylum scholars and practitioners in the United States. She speaks to Aziza Ahmed, professor of law at Northeastern University School of Law, and takes us through the key cases and arguments that have led to the current moment, the transformations the system is currently undergoing, and why she is less pessimistic than might be expected.