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OPIA’s Virtual Public Interest Networking Reception provides an opportunity for students to connect with attorneys from a wide range of public interest organizations, including federal and state government, legal services, public defenders, prosecutors, public interest law firms, and non-profit advocacy organizations. Learn about potential summer and post-graduate job opportunities and brush up on your networking skills.

Accessing the Event

This virtual event will be held on the interactive Airmeet platform. Students should follow these steps to access the event:

  1. Join the event by accessing this link when the event begins (This link must NOT be shared beyond current HLS students).
  2. Use a desktop or laptop computer, rather than a tablet or cell phone. The platform can work through mobile devices, but is best through a laptop or desktop.
  3. Airmeet is best experienced on a Chrome browser.
  4. Close all other programs using your microphone and video, such as Zoom, before you open Airmeet.
  5. Once you join the event, you will be in the “social lounge” with dozens of “tables.” Tables are listed alphabetically by organization name. Below is a list of participating organizations and their representatives, subject to change.
  6. After you log in and before you join any tables, please complete your Airmeet profile. You can update your profile under the “Settings” button in the upper right-hand corner after you join the event, or, when prompted upon joining, you can enter the information in the following way on your registration form:
    1. In the “Name” box, enter your full name and preferred pronoun. Example: Regina George (she/her).
    2. Under “Designation” enter your class year (i.e., 1L, 2L, 3L, LLM, etc.)
    3. Under “Organization” enter “HLS.”
    4. Under “City” and “Country” enter “Cambridge” and “United States”.
  7. To join a particular organization’s table, click on an open seat. This will bring you into the table, where you may need to toggle the microphone and video settings to be seen and heard (similar to entering a Zoom room). You will see and hear everyone else present at that table. Want to test out the platform before joining an organization’s table? Feel free to join the OPIA staff table first!

Having problems logging into Airmeet?

Information on supported browsers

Troubleshooting tips for attendees

Re-joining if you get disconnected

Granting required device permissions

Granting camera and mic permissions

Still running into issues? Airmeet has a 24/7 support lounge you can access during the event. Click on any of the articles above and a link to the chat is available.

Tips for Navigating the Event

  • Review our Networking Tips, and Professionalism Guide.
  • Review the 2022 Networking Reception bio sheet (subject to change).
  • Business attire is recommended. Consider dressing as you would for an interview.
  • Feel free to stay for the entire event, or join for only part of it. You can also visit as many or as few tables as you would like. No formal presentations are scheduled.
  • Think about what questions you have for organizations’ representatives, including about their own career paths, their day-to-day tasks, their organization, potential summer or post-graduate opportunities, and more.
  • When you join a table, wait for a natural break in the conversation and then introduce yourself. Please remain aware that a maximum of 8 participants can be at a table simultaneously, and remain respectful of representatives’ and other students’ time.
  • The main chat features in Airmeet allow you to chat with all participants in the event (right-hand side in the social lounge), or you can chat with everyone at a table once you join one. Make sure you know your audience when you type into a chat box! If you need to ask questions about the event itself, feel free to stop by the OPIA staff table.
  • When you are ready to leave a table, thank the representatives for their time. If a conversation between representatives and another student at the table is ongoing when you need to leave, consider typing your thanks and announcing your departure in the table’s chat box.