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In recent years, interest in international government service has increased dramatically with applicants seeking opportunities in greater numbers than ever before, both at home and abroad. It has become clear that the primary motivation for the increased interest in government opportunities is not only the desire to serve the public and this country, but also to improve the standard of living for millions of citizens around the world.

The U.S. government is a great way to break into the field of international law, and it provides a tremendous opportunity to experience the global impact of U.S. foreign policy.

During recent summers, HLS students worked in international governmental internships both in the U.S. and abroad. These positions included international development assistance, humanitarian aid, counterterrorism, national security, foreign policy, overseas law enforcement programs, environmental protection, analysis of bilateral and multilateral foreign trade agreements, foreign asset control and negotiation of new treaties and executive agreements.

Legal work with the U.S. government involves working on current public policy issues of the day and developing strategies for implementing programs, legislation, and executive orders that will impact the nation and its future direction. A major advantage of working with the government is the opportunity to advance relatively early in your career and gain primary responsibility for major litigation and the development and management of important public policy issues that one rarely has exposure to in the private sector.