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2013 Ames Moot Court Competition

October 23, 2013

Photo from the 2013 Ames Moot Court.
Credit: Martha Stewart

Case: Jimenez v. Holder

A writ of certiorari is granted on the following two questions:

  1. Whether an applicant for asylum claiming fear of persecution on account of his or her membership in a “particular social group” must show that the group has “social visibility.”
  2. Whether an applicant for asylum denied the right to the counsel of his or her choosing in immigration proceedings must show that the denial resulted in actual prejudice in order to obtain relief.


Hon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg ’56-’58, Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
Hon. Merrick B. Garland ’77, U.S. Court of Appeals for The District of Columbia Circuit
Hon. Ilana Diamond Rovner, U.S. Court of Appeals for The Seventh Circuit


The Martin D. Ginsburg Memorial Team


Gerard Justin Cedrone, Oralist
Jeremy M. Feigenbaum
Caitlin Halpern
Wookie Kim
Ashwin Phatak, Oralist
Jillian Sheridan Stonecipher

The Constance Baker Motley Memorial Team


Best Brief, Best Overall

Nikolas Bowie, Oralist
Alison Deich
Dena Haibi
Lucas Issacharoff
Andrew Rohrbach, Best Oralist
Kyle Wirshba

Watch the video: 2013 Ames Moot Court Competition

Final Round
Jimenez v. Holder