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Prior to making a gift from abroad, alumni should contact their national Harvard Law School Association, as some groups have made it possible for alumni to give to Harvard via local tax-deductible vehicles.


Canadian tax law allows Canadians to make tax-deductible gifts directly to certain American charities, including Harvard University. Alumni and Development Services will automatically send donors with a Canadian address a tax receipt with language required by the Canadian tax authorities.


Since the implementation of NAFTA, Mexican law recognizes tax-deductible gifts to American charities with respect to U.S. source income. Gifts may be in pesos or American dollars, and the University’s standard gift acknowledgement form allows donors from Mexico to benefit from the tax deduction.

United Kingdom

Gifts from alumni residing in the United Kingdom can be tax-deductible.

For information on making a gift, please contact:

John McFadden, Harvard College ’70
McFadden Pilkington & Ward LLP
104 N. Woodstock Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Telephone: (215) 246-0165
Facsimile: (267) 200-0004

Sandra Fernandes
Friends of Harvard (UK)
1 Mulgrave Chambers
26-28 Mulgrave Road
Sutton, Surrey SM2 6LE
United Kingdom
Telephone: (020) 8642 3077
Fax: (020) 8661 1485