Almost exactly two years ago, I walked into Austin Hall for my first day as Assistant Dean for Admissions at Harvard Law School. This year marks my third summer in the office (though right now the “office” is essentially my couch and laptop).

When you begin an admissions position during the summer, there is one thing on your mind: the waitlist. With limited seats left in the class, who should you call? Who will contribute to the community? Who will serve as a zealous advocate in clinics and SPOs? Who seems really, really nice?

I’ll be honest: I’m incredibly attached to the members of the Class of 2021 that I admitted off the waitlist in summer 2018. They’re amazing.

And one of them has some advice for you. Daniel Oyolu ’21 – one of the very first people I called that summer – recently posted his thoughts on navigating waitlists on Medium.

It’s no fun waiting. But it will be worth it, future members of the Class of 2023.

– KJ

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