In our blog series, Launching to 1L, we offer applicants advice on navigating the application process from beginning to end. To continue this series, we will discuss how to prepare for law-related online and in-person events.

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Associate Director of Admissions, Courtney McMann

Remember that prospective student events, Q&As, and forums are for you.

“This an opportunity for you to learn about what schools have to offer and how to prepare a successful application. There’s no need to be nervous about interacting with admissions representatives, nor should you feel like there is any need to impress or make an impact on them. Be mindful too that the other attendees are in your same shoes, just trying to learn as much about schools and the process as they can, and be sure to share the space and administrators’ time with them.”

Admissions Officer, Mark Richter

Recognize that while not every question will directly apply to you, you can learn a lot from your peers.

“You may have a burning question you hope to get answered, but don’t tune out the rest of the discussion while waiting to get called on. Even if something sounds like it doesn’t apply, there will likely be relevant nuggets of information from the student or staff member presenting. On the flip side, try to avoid asking questions that speak only to your specific situation. If your question will not be applicable to anyone else, it’s generally best to e-mail or schedule a phone call with admissions. On the whole, though, the most important advice I can give is to be engaged – these events are designed for you as an applicant, so don’t be shy about speaking up and asking questions.”

Admissions Officer, Lucy Cui

Spend your time asking school-specific questions.

“You may find it helpful to ask more in-depth questions about the student experience, support resources offered, career services, specific areas of legal studies that you might be interested in so you can make your best decision on which schools to apply to.”

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