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We will begin accepting papers for spring 2023 prize consideration at 9:00am ET on March 13, 2023. Most prizes have a submission deadline of May 1, 2023 at 5:00pm ET without possibility of extension; however, please be sure to check the Writing Prizes website for specific prizes with special deadlines and submission instructions. Please direct any questions about Writing Prizes to April Pettit in the Office of Academic Affairs.

Irving Oberman Memorial Prize: Bankruptcy
Amount: $1,000
Reviewed by: Professor Mark Roe
Special Instructions: To be considered, papers must be accompanied by a nomination from the faculty supervisor. Nominations should be emailed directly to Professor Roe AND

Irving Oberman Memorial Prize: Constitutional Law: Separation of Powers, Federalism, and the Fourteenth Amendment
Amount: $1,000
Reviewed by: Professor Mark Tushnet and Vicki Jackson

Irving Oberman Memorial Prize: Environmental Law
Amount: $1,000
Reviewed by: Professor Jody Freeman

Irving Oberman Memorial Prize: Equal Justice Under Law
Amount: $1,000
Reviewed by: Professor Richard Fallon and Professor Larry Schwartztol

Irving Oberman Memorial Prize: Family Law
Amount: $1,000
Reviewed by: Professor Janet Halley

Irving Oberman Memorial Prize: Legal History
Amount: $1,000
Reviewed by: Professor Bruce Mann

Irving Oberman Memorial Prize: Intellectual Property
Amount: $1,000
Reviewed by: Professor Terry Fisher