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Interviews with More Than One Interviewer

When meeting with multiple interviewers at once, you may feel overwhelmed by the ratio of interviewers to interviewees.

You may be uncertain as to whom you should direct your responses when asked multiple questions from the interviewers. You should attempt to recognize who among the interviewers has seniority and gear most of the interview contact to him or her. But it is critical to make sure that you do not disregard the other interviewers. Engage the remaining interviewers in your responses to give them the opportunity to ask further questions. When responding to direct questions, make initial eye contact with the person who asked the question, but as you expand on your answer, remember to make eye contact with everyone present.

Hostile Interviews

Occasionally, employers at criminal defense and prosecution offices conduct hostile interviews with potential employees. These employers are not targeting you personally; rather, the interviewers are interested in seeing how you respond to pressure that is comparable to that of adversarial courtroom trials. They are assessing how well you perform on your feet.

The key to handling a hostile interview lies not in the specifics of how you answer the questions thrown at you, but rather in your overall composure. Maintain a calm demeanor and respond non-defensively. Simply keep in mind the purpose behind this interviewing strategy.

Questions to Avoid During an Initial Interview

While parental leave, part-time policies, benefits, vacation time, the possibility of splitting summers, and salary may be of significant concern, you may want to defer raising these issues until a later interview or after you have been offered a job. By asking these questions during an initial interview, you run the risk of distracting the employer from focusing on your qualifications.