portrait of 2010 HLS alum, James Bickford
Where did you work/do prior to entering law school?
Why did you decide to go to law school after being away from school for so many years?
What skills that you developed throughout your pre-law career do you think were helpful and most transferrable to your summer law jobs?
How did you handle discussing your pre-law school career experience during a summer job interview? If you had a real change in direction, how did you handle it?
Did you include or exclude anything on your resume or elaborate on areas of past work experience so potential employers would pay attention about your past experience or avoid questions regarding it?
What suggestions do you have for other non-traditional students that might help them throughout the course of their time at HLS?
Do you have any suggestions on how they might get involved at HLS? Were there any resources that are/were particularly helpful for you during your time at HLS?