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Interviews take on particular significance with public service employers, who give tremendous weight to the kind of person they sense you are, the depth of your commitment to their mission and how well you would fit in with the office. Getting an interview means you have the right credentials for the position. The focus of the interview should be to persuade the employer that you are the best and most qualified applicant.

Convey enthusiasm and self-confidence during an interview. Try to establish a rapport with the interviewer so that after you leave, he or she will remember some specific details about you. If you find yourself in an interview where the employer is doing all of the talking, try to work your way gracefully into the conversation. If you simply allow the interviewer to talk, you run the risk of leaving a weak impression of yourself.

By giving forethought to the kinds of questions to ask during the interview, you will demonstrate that you are a thoughtful candidate and you will learn whether or not the position is right for you.